Blockchain as a tool for increasing collaboration among construction project managers in Nigeria


  • Jummai Agidani Baze UniversityDepartment of Building, Faculty of Environmental Sciences Baze University, Abuja


Blockchain technology, construction industry, sustainable development, project implementation, digitalization, collaboration


This paper explores the challenges associated with the successful implementation of blockchain technology in the construction industry from a Nigerian perspective. In particular, it identifies the possible applications of blockchain technology in improving collaboration among construction industry professionals, hence increasing project management efficiency and transparency in the delivery of construction projects. The study is qualitative in nature adopting a content analysis research methodology approach. This study construes knowledge as that only gained through social constructions, such as language, shared meanings, documents, industry reports, reviews of academic papers, and tools. It is a changing and relative phenomenon. Construction management software such as BIM (building information modeling), Procore and Plangrid were introduced to help improve the level of collaboration between construction project managers, but there is no single computer application that pools information to share data between parties like blockchain. This is where blockchain can make a difference and help solve the collaboration problem. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer, controlled, distributed transactional database used to record and store lists of transactions (called blocks) that are verified through cryptography. This paper explores the emergence of blockchain, explains how it is used, and analyzes the best practices and applications needed for blockchain to succeed in the Nigerian construction industry. The study revealed that developing countries are suffering in terms of the timely execution of projects, including poor collaborative strategies which are depicted by lack of trust, transparency, and poor procurement management strategies.



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