Effect of financial technology (FinTech) on Nigeria's national development amid COVID-19 recovery.


  • Auwalu Inusa
  • Kabir Musa Shuaib
  • Bello Bichi Gambo
  • Ummi Rahma Shehu
  • Usman Yahaya Shehu


Many developing countries faced challenges related to digital financial services during the COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdowns and other restrictions amid protocols to curtail the spread of the dreaded virus. Studies on fintech in developing countries like Nigeria are essential due to the effect of globalization and the rising influence of digital markets worldwide. Therefore, the study examines the effects of financial technology on Nigeria's national development amid COVID-19 recovery. 415 banks' customers were surveyed to determine the effects of fintech on national development. PLS-SEM was employed to analyze the data using Smart PLS3. The findings reveal that the relationship between sustainability and national development is positive and significant. Similarly, the findings indicate a positive and significant relationship between transaction efficiency and national development. It is concluded that FinTech provides financial channels that carry every citizen and reduce the poverty rate and income inequality which all translate to national development. It is recommended that policymakers continue to provide the enabling environment, including policy direction and regulation, to enhance FinTech development in the country.

Keywords: FinTech, trust, national development, innovation, transformation.



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Inusa, . A., Shuaib, K. M., Gambo, B. B., Shehu, U. R., & Shehu, U. Y. (2022). Effect of financial technology (FinTech) on Nigeria’s national development amid COVID-19 recovery. Baze University Journal of Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(2). Retrieved from http://koha.bazeuniversity.edu.ng/index.php/bujeis/article/view/54